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Be The Total Woman You Are…

“The total woman is that woman who knows she is complete because of  Christ Jesus, not because of what she has done”.

– Sade Popoola

Learn How To:

  • Find purpose when you go through process.
  • Indulge in for a total makeover after spiritual makeover is achieved.
  • Understand why you are going through the unending pains in your life and find a way out through prayer and guidance.
  • Overcome the stigma.
  • Re-establish your relationship with God.
  • Value Self Worth and use it to overcome any difficult situation.
  • Use trials as a tool of empowerment.
  • Find Grace and understand different levels of Grace.
  • Enable growth through Pain & Grace.
  • Live an empowered life.
  • Differentiate the different aspects of God’s love.
  • Understand the importance of living in the Spirit.

Presentations For Your Events

All speeches are customized to the audience and the theme of the event. Fola sade aims to inspire and encourage her audience with practical ideas and heartfelt speeches that will uplift the audience. They will leave the place feeling refreshed with a clearer picture to whatever issue they faced before they came in.

About Fola Sade

Sade Popoola, born in West Ham and currently residing in London, is a wife, mother, beautician, presenter, inventor and an author with energy, a solid record of accomplishment and involvement in her field of skill. She believes in utilizing her impeccable oral and written communication skills to encourage young people to excel and utilize their gifts. She is best known for her flair of distinct fashion sense; simple and sweet.

Health and Fitness

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” Fola Sade has inspired me in so many ways.  She taught me to always be myself and to not let others define me. For a long time, I worked in places and studied courses to impress my friends and family because I thought i could not do anything or did not have the talent to do anything like  be a makeup artist or work within beauty. Even though, I have the talent and creative ability to, Fola Sade told me I could and gave me the confidence to leave my old job  where I was not walking in my purpose . She advised me to walk in my gifting, which is my creative ability.  I left the  job to  focus on hair colouring  and makeup.  I do this as a freelance hair and makeup artist. Now I’ve just gotten a new job with a top beauty and skincare  company  Minerva  Gold  collagen  and  the  pay  is  great.  Thank  you  Fola  sade  for  telling me to be true to myself. I’m creative and that I shall always be. “

Mayowa Anifowoshe
Hair colourist/ Makeup Artist

” I want to say thank you to my friend and sister in Christ Fola Sade Popoola a strong woman of faith. When I needed a friend going through some hard times and struggles, she reached out to me and showed her love and compassion, she  ministered  to  me  with  scriptures,  uplifting  me  to  show  me  whom  I  am  in  Christ,  introduced  the  Courts  of  Heaven  to  me,  enlightened  me  how  to  overcome, how to enter the courts. I am very grateful the Lord led her my way. I pray the Lord blessings over her, a friend indeed . . .  I love you sister. Thank you so much for being here for me. “

Lisa Gutierrz-Opon

” A  woman faces many challenges… some within their control and many out of their control. Many women have a hard time navigating through them successfully. The Total Woman is a MUST for women (even men can benefit with guidance). The books guide through spiritual means to issues they face and build self-confidence and appreciation. “

Brahma D. Sharma, PhD