Total Woman Network was founded to help women attain the level of the total woman they were really meant to be. The network helps them gain confidence, maintain their health and well-being, and become better people in the society through mentorship programs,   The network was founded by the visionary, Sade Popoola.

Sade Popoola, born in West Ham and currently residing in London, is a wife, mother, beautician, presenter, inventor, author and missionary with energy, a solid record of accomplishment and involvement in her field of skill. She believes in utilizing her impeccable oral and written communication skills to encourage young people to make use of their God given gift to maximize their potential to excel. She is best known for her flair for distinct fashion sense; simple and sweet.

Sade’s devotion to her career is manifested through her working experience over the years. She has worked as a makeup artist for over fifteen years and ran her own salon for ten years. She has also been a top stylist on a number of television stations and shows in Nigeria.

Sade’s presenting career began in Lagos Nigeria when despite her low chances of winning, she took a leap of faith and entered a radio voice contest. Not only did she win the contest, she was also awarded with her own radio programme, Staying Up with Sade, which was a major hit. Since then Sade has been in love with presenting.

From Staying up with Sade, she moved on to television, with the hit Nigerian national breakfast show New Dawn on 10 where she was able to blend her passion for presenting with her gift as a makeup artist and beautician, focusing on morning makeup tips, beauty and fashion makeovers. For Sade, being on TV presented her a platform to further develop her communication skills to effectively engage her listeners.

Being skilled as a makeup artist and beautician, she invented and designed The Quute Illuminated Handbag. This was a hip fashion accessory with the bright sensibility of an internal light. With this innovation, she was nominated for the coveted British Female Inventor and Innovator Awards and she is also frequently invited to speak on the role of innovation in business. In the UK, Sade hosts Beauty for Ashes talk show; a Christian talk show. She also works for UK online  radio.

After perfecting her communication skill through her venture into radio and TV, she released her book titled; Be The Total Woman You Are: Living Your Purpose in Full Totality where encouraged young people especially women to excel and utilize their gifts.




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