Wigs Conceirge. We are the wig restoring specialists a business that was started to help ladies save money on wigs. All too often we buy a wig wear it for a few weeks or months if we are lucky then chuck it out the moment it starts to show an attitude of I’m done!!. We all want to look good and its an investment to do that these days and you know ladies , we just have to look gooood!!! I am a makeup artist, Aesthtician and hairdresser by trade although I stopped the makeup aspect few years back but have helped here and there with hairdressing. My experience in the beauty industry spans  as  far as working as a  beauty therapist at Saks Fith Avenue in Boston ,Mass. running  a hairsalon in Nigeria for over 10years , held few contracts with television stations as their  senior makeup artist and hair stylist  for those years before I came to the UK. I have a passion for looking good, styling and simple fashion . Let me help you restore that wig that’s been thrown to the back of the cupboard, you might just be pleasantly surprised at the outcome.  My most common quote from my clients is always ”oh my gosh,what did you do? I love it,it looks brand new”. Connect with me on instagram or Facebook

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